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Video production is the modern approach to effectively making visual and audio elements. Being considered one of the most successful forms of media and its class offers the best platform to market a concept, company, idea, and product. This best happens when a wide variety of technical, design, and creative techniques are employed to tell a short story that fully engages, educates, and inspires viewers. Therefore, good planning is necessary to make a message or short story come to life to execute the process. The best performance of video production is well seen when its versatility and balancing act is applied to perfection. Are you looking for the best video production company in Kenya? Look no further than Ace Creative

What is Video Production?

To expound on video production, you first need to have an idea of what a video is. A video is an electronic medium for broadcasting, recording, playback, copying, and displaying moving visual media. On the other hand, video production is a series of tasks involving a strategy, budgeting, creative techniques, distribution of work, and management. The procession should be a balancing act to achieve a successful presentation.

Types of Production

  • TV commercial created explicitly with the TV audience in mind.
  • Website Video is created to explain your company, product, or service
  • Product Video is made to highlight the product's features, benefits, and whether they are new or existing.
  • Social media Video/Facebook can engage and attract visitors to stay longer.
  • Company Video, an effective way to introduce investors, potential employees, and a business to a new customer segment.
  • Brand Video informs people about your brand's image, mission, and personality.
  • Infomercial, the Video is sales-driven.
  • Explainer Animation is glorified cartoons that display your idea in a fun, engaging, and simplified format.
  • How-to is an easy following instruction video.
  • Testimonial Video builds trust with the target audience.
  • App Video, get your product features perfectly displayed by app options.
  • Open Box Video frequently appears on e-commerce sites to inform consumers.
  • Viral Video attracts millions of eyeballs on your Video.
Graphic design for businesses help with gaining visibility which results in higher conversions. Combining effective communication, enhanced credibility, brand recognition, and all the above benefits improves sales and revenues. Our design services not only attracts consumers to your website or store but it increases the chances of your conversions. Lenny Towett CEO Ace Creative

Why do you need video production services for your business?

  • Video exhibits excellent ROI: A video can provide a good investment return, especially when committed to its purpose. Videos can be expensive and challenging to produce, but they are worth it. Furthermore, we can make you accurate and decent videos to display on your business with improved online editing tools. Providing a good quality video is among our strengths as a company. We provide meaningful and eye-catching content that will bring you more clients. Moreover, users will get the clarity of the concept or product shown in your Video. Get more sales by selling your products as moving images.
  • Video targets a large audience:Video production plays a significant role in the corporate world today. Geniuses are uplifted to be extra creative by using images and graphics to attract more audience and clients to our company and the services or products we offer. Having these excellent skills to our advantage, we can come up with mind-blowing ideas accompanied by excellent video production services to create interest in your products.
  • Video enhances first stuff and converts to sales:I have experienced my company's team making sure that Video works perfectly. Did you know? Video can directly contribute to sales. Studies show that 74% of users who have watched a video of a product went ahead and purchased it later. Therefore, you can rely on us to make attractive and exciting videos to improve sales. We can invent ideas that can market your vision, increasing your product's credibility most powerfully. If photographs can cause attention massively, moving images can surely do wonders, trust me.
  • The Video promotes creative thinking:Video production plays a significant role in the corporate world today. Geniuses are uplifted to be extra creative by using images and graphics to attract more audience and clients to our company and the services or products we offer. Having these excellent skills to our advantage, we can come up with mind-blowing ideas accompanied by excellent video production services to create interest in your products.
  • Video is versatile: With so many processes to be carefully planned and executed, video production is an ideal tool to achieve any storytelling. It ensures all the production stages have a well-executed plan of how they will be conducted. Our company's simple outline on how to handle all the production activities includes; a strategy, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. We handle everything respectively.
  • Google's preference:Video production is among the long exposures for a business. This builds signals and trust that our website is suitable for search engines. Google has made sure that videos appear first, especially when YouTube is their product now. This means that videos significantly affect the rank of your search engine. Get in touch with our video production services, and you will not be disappointed at all.

How to identify excellent video production companies in Kenya?

  • Identify the marketing strategy: How a company runs things matters, a lot and planning are crucial. Video production involves many processes to accomplish a good product presentation. A strategy plan on how all these things will carry on is necessary. The strategy should include all the required materials, characters, distribution of work, the vision of the Video, and management. With all the production stages under trusted direction, another key consideration is how they will market the product. Consider the way a company displays your product in the Video. Is it eye-catching, engaging, or educative? The tone, sounding, and how they produce the moving images matter. Our company will give you all that at an affordable price.
  • View portfolio: For a company to win its buyers, the previous work done should be assembled and made available to anyone who can hire them. This will prove whether the video production company is worthwhile or not. A company's portfolio is accessible on the production company's website. Being among the best video production company, viewing our previous work will assure you that we produce videos that will meet your standards. You will get a taste of a good quality of a video. Our samples will give insight into the quality our company proudly owns. We are very professional as we provide engaging and attractive content to users. Testimonials from our previous clients and customers will significantly help you understand the value of our production.
  • Better shooting: Videos can be taken by anyone using a phone or camera. The difference can be seen when a professional is doing it. With highly qualified video production teams, business videos can be shot at a better angle to create quality videos that can improve their performance. Professionals have the best knowledge of what angle is suitable for each scene. Our company's video production team has the right tools to provide the best lighting as they shoot in your set and record the Video. We give our clients excellent recording that gives value to the content. Besides, customers have higher chances of being interested in a good quality product.
  • Great teamwork:A video production company consists of directors, actors, and other team members who all have strengths and weaknesses. A company with strong management will have all of them work together smoothly, creating great teamwork. Our company will gladly supervise and ensure your video production process is a success with your team members. We will establish a remarkable collaboration among your members and bring out the best in each of them while recording your Video perfectly. It may not be always easy to get people to work together but if a company can do that, there is a high possibility of getting an excellent recording.
  • Excellent editing skillsShooting a video doesn't just stop there, a few clarifications are needed to make the video award-winning and top customer's preference. Therefore, our company can make your Video very engaging by doing a job well done with shooting scene clips and ensuring no unnecessary parts are included. For effects and editing, trust me we provide flawless clips. We know the proper transitions, software, and effects for your Video. We can meet your expectations by coordinating and helping you achieve what you want.
  • Video production prices in Kenya:If you are thinking of recording a video to boost your business and wondering how much it can cost you, here are the broad price ranges. The prices exempt transport, choice of location, props, extras, and other logistics involved.

Hiring Professional Graphic Design Services

Video production can be entertaining, fun, and engaging hence more useful when marketing concepts, products, and services.Look no further than Ace Creative can help you grow your business by reflecting on your company's vision.At Ace Creative, we will help you with a video production that meets your needs at affordable rates. Give us a call on +254 722 856 286 or +254 733 836 639 for more details or Connect with us via email

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